About PRSI

The Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) is the national association of public relations practitioners and communication specialists in India. It functions primarily for professional development. It seeks to formulate and interpret the objectives and potential of public relations as a socially useful function and uphold its value as an integral part of management. It also maintains close links with the academic bodies for promotion of public relations as a subject of management studies.

PRSI came into being as an informal body in 1958 with its headquarters in Mumbai. The genesis of the Society in Kolkata can be traced to 1965 when Sanest Lahiri, Shanker Mitres, R. P. Gupta, Prasanta Sanyal, J. M. Kaul and other pioneers of the profession formed a nucleus, known as the Public Relations Circle. However, this was formally merged with the national body in 1968 to strengthen the public relations movement on an all-India basis.

The National Council, the apex body of the PRSI, annually organizes All India Public Relations Conferences to highlight its contemporary relevance. It has a quarterly journal 'Public Relations' which seeks to promote the cause of public relations by bringing to its readers news and articles on public relations in India and abroad. The Society has 25 chapters spread all over the country. Members of the Society, numbering over 3000 are drawn from the private sector and public sector corporations as well as from the government, non-profit organizations and academic bodies.

Chennai Chapter

The PRSI Chennai Chapter, formed in 1968, has served as a forum for communicators of the major Tamil Nadu-based corporate houses and PR practitioners. Our 100+ membership is largely drawn from Corporate Communicators of leading private and public sector business organisations, the Government sector, NGOs, PR Consultants, Advertising professionals and PR educationists. The Chapter has strong linkages with PRSI, the national body.

Reflecting corporate trends, PRSI Chennai has consciously subsumed the disciplines of Public Relations and Corporate Communications in its scope and focus. The Chennai Chapter has an ongoing tradition of successfully organising seminars, workshops, site visits and training programmes besides monthly meetings, collectively covering 360° communications. It has a strong industry-institution association and Communication students benefit immensely out of apprenticeships and the opportunity to learn from the practitioners.


   To provide a forum for PR and communication professionals to meet, interact and enhance their professional skills.

   To keep abreast of the changing Socio-economic, political, cultural and media scene and the changing role of public relations and communication.

   To keep abreast of emerging concepts and tools of public relations and communication.

   To help promote ethical standards in public relations.

   To promote PR education.

   To recognize and award Excellence in Public Relations and communication.