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Role of bureaucracy in Nation building - Dr M Rajaram, I.A.S., (retd.,)

Bureaucrats should always wear a friendly smile, should be accessible listen to the public with compassion  when they approach them with their grievances because every government official is a public servant and as part of the Executive, tasked with executing the policies of Legislature. These were the observations made by Dr M Rajaram I.A.S. retd., and Member, Tamil Nadu Public service Commission, in his address on the topic 'Role of Bureaucracy in Nation building

During the British era, Civil Servants were referred to as Collectors, when their main task was collection of taxes from different provinces and princely states, and forwarding the collection to the treasury of the British Empire. Later the role changed to more of a controller or regulator. Before Independence in 1947, India had the I C S wherein few Indian native officers were serving. These Indian native ICS officers showed humanness and compassion while dealing with Indian citizens, which was a very delicate balancing act.

That requirement still continues. Bureaucrats and lower rung officials should exhibit a pleasing personality and a helpful disposition to mitigate people’s genuine grievances. He recalled the valuable services of bureaucracy during the Tsunami in 2004 in the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu, especially in Nagapattinam, and more recently during the Chennai deluge in 2015. In a light vein, he illustrated excessive slavery to rules, with an example thus: "A life pensioner went to a Government office and presented himself for a life certificate for the ongoing year, whereas the Government official told the pensioner that he would not be in a position to release his monthly pension, since the pensioner had not given the life certificate for the previous year".

Mr Rajaram also referred to the wide gap that exists between the Government and the public. The role of bureaucracy is to bridge that gap even as their role is ever changing and getting more complex and challenging.The bureaucrat should shun publicity.

The Chief Guest also launched PRSI’s revamped website Mr Thomas T Abraham, Advisor, gave a walkthrough of the site. 

Earlier, Mr KT Solaiyappan Secretary welcomed the audience and Mr Daniel Chellappa, Chairman, welcomed the Chief Guest. Mr Venkat Ramani introduced Chief Guest. Mr S Sudhakar, Jt., Secretary of the Chapter proposed the vote of thanks.


Demonatisation: short-, medium- and long- term impact

featuring three respected experts.

Date: 14th December, 2016

Time : 6.00 pm. Venue: Vivekananda Hall, P S Higher Secondary School, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004.
Entry fee for non members of PRSI: Rs 150

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"Story telling - a PR Tool"

On 30th September, members were treated to a fascinating subject: story telling A doctorate in Folklore, Dr Eric Miller highlighted story telling through folk songs, plays, skits etc as an endearing way to communicate. He went on to explain the techniques and how they can be successfully used as PR tools. Mrs Eric gave a demonstration of 'Psycho Drama': how one can communicate with one's feelings to self, superiors and others.

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