Events of 2020

December 17, 2020

Annual General Body Meeting of PRSI - December 17, 2020

Notice for Annual General Body Meeting of PRSI - December 17, 2020

Election Results

Mr N Thirumurthy, Professional Member, (who was nominated by the EC to be the returning officer) in association with Mr Venkataramani, Life Member conducted the proceedings of the elections of PRSI Chennai Chapter for the period 2020-22 held at Hotel Savera, Radhakrishnan Saalai, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004.

Totally nine nominations were received.

Only one nomination of Mr Satyan C Bhatt for the post of Chairman was received by the returning officer. Hence Mr Satyan C Bhatt was declared winner, unopposed, for the post of Chairman.

Eight nominations received for the post of Executive Committee members and seven found valid and due election process was followed by the Returning officer Mr N Thirumurthy. The following were declared winners for the six vacancies to the Executive Committee :

  1. Mr V Kalidoss
  2. Mr Thomas T Abraham
  3. Mr Daniel T Dass
  4. Mr Muthu Kumar Balu
  5. Mr Ramesh Kumar and
  6. Mr N Raja

(From L to R) Mr Satyan C Bhatt, Secretary, Mr G Krishnan, Chairman and Mr V Kalidoss, Treasurer seen initiating the AGM proceedings which was held on Dec 17, 2020 at Hotel Savera . The Secretary's Report and Audited Accounts were passed during AGM.

Mr G Krishnan, Chairman handing over a memento to Mr N Raja, Professional Member, PRSI ( Asst. Professor, Visual Communications, Sathyabama University) for successfully conducting the Essay Writting, Photography and Poster Design Competition, which was held during September and the virtual prize distribution function on Oct 10, 2020.

Section of members at the AGM

(From L to R) Mr N Thirumurthy,Returning Officer was seen counting the votes along with Mr Venkataramani, Life member during the election process.

Returning Officer for the election process, Mr N Thirumurthy handing over the copy of the election results containing the names of the winners to Mr Muthu Kumar Balu, newly elected Executive Committee Member.

Members of the outgoing Executive Committee (2018-20)

Newly elected Executive Committee members (From L to R) Mr V Ramesh Kumar, Mr Thomas T Abraham, Mr V Kalidoss, Mr Daniel T Dass, newly elected Chairman Mr Satyan C Bhatt, immediate past Chairman Mr G Krishnan, Mr Muthu Kumar Balu and Mr N Raja.

Chapter Members with newly elected Executive Committee for the year 2020-22

November 4, 2020

PRSI Chennai Chapter Competition results

Click Here To Download Winners of the State Level Competition results conducted by PRSI Chennai Chapter, namely Written , Photography and Poster-Design

Mr Thomas T Abraham, Former President, Photographic Society of Madras and Past Chairman, PRSI Chennai Chapter was one of the three judges, who evaluated the contents submitted by the students for Photography Competition.

October 8, 2020

PRSI Chennai Chapter is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic : PRSI Chennai Chapter's Zoom Meeting: State Level Competition - Virtual Prize Distribution

Date : Oct 10, 2020

Time : 03:45 PM India

Zoom Meeting Id : 259 273 7970

Passcode : 61Sjqp

September 24th, 2020

PRSI Chennai Chapter, conducts State level Virtual competition on writing, photography and poster design

Written competition

Theme: "Impact of online school education in India" Procedure: Type paragraph or Bullet points maximum 1 page or 300 words then upload via given Google form link

Photography Competition

Theme: "Making the world a better place" Procedure: send us 1 best photographs according to our theme and upload via given our Google form.

Poster Competition

Theme: "Positives from Covid 19" Procedure: Prepare 1 page Digital poster according to our theme and upload via given our Google form.


Any degree College students from Tamilnadu


18 to 25 only

Last date for entry

26th September, 2020

To upload your works through, Google form link

September 24, 2020

PRSI Chennai Invites Its Members, Associates & Professionals For A Zoom Webinar


Communication Challenges During Pandemic Times - Tourism.


26th September, 2020

August 11th, 2020

The Chennai Chapter organise the The third Webinar programme

" The third Webinar programme was unique , as we had the speaker Mr Stephen Manallack addressing from Melbourne, Australia to our members/Pr practitioners across India " .

July 25th, 2020

Amid extended lock down, the Chennai Chapter organise the second webinar programme

" Amid extended lock down, the Chennai Chapter organise the second webinar programme on 25th July, 2020. We had partcipants from the PR fraternity from different parts of Tamil Nadu, including Tirunelveli and Coimbatore, apart from the PR faculty members of few colleges from the city of Chennai and PRSI members of various State Chapters in India . .

June 29th, 2020


" After the informal webinar programme on 23rd May 2020, the Chennai chapter conducted the first WEBINAR monthly programme on June 29, 2020 by inviting the members of all the Chapters of PRSI across India ( apart from the Chennai chapter) The National President Dr Pathak, various Chapter leaders and , members participated in this Webinar programme . .

Member(s) / Professional(s) are requested to join the Webinar and gain knowledge through this inspiring session from a Communication Expert.

The E Invite

May 23rd, 2020

PRSI Chennai Chapter launched an informal WEBINAR programme for its members on May 23, 2020 with a theme "LIFE STYLE during LOCKdown

" PRSI Chennai Chapter launched an informal WEBINAR programme for its members on May 23, 2020 with a theme "LIFE STYLE during LOCKdown". Most of the members attended this inaugural webinar and freely expressed the activities carried out during the daily routine to break the monotany of Lockdown life style. .

April 21st, 2020

“Public Relations”

SATHYABAMA extends its warm welcome to you and is pleased to invite you as an Online Guest Speaker for the subject “Public Relations” for the second year students of B.Sc., Visual Communication on 21/04/2020 at 11 Am through ZOOM Online classroom. We are proud to invite you as online guest Speaker and we like to have your valuable inputs, which will be really helpful to the student’s community towards media learning. We welcome you, to this online lecture and request you to take this plaque as a symbol of our invitation for your exemplary value to our students. Subject Teacher Mr. Raja N Assistant Professor, will organize and arrange all online facilities to this online guest lecture.

March 10th, 2020

PRSI Chennai Chapter conducted an awareness programme on Cancer as part of its monthly meeting (this topic, as decided by the National Council of PRSI)

The Chennai Chapter sensing the danger of Covid 19 ( Corona Virus) spread to Chennai and parts of Tamil Nadu,as some parts of India were affected during February 2020, decided to include the awareness campaign on Covid 19. The excutive Council decided and extended invitation to the members and their families

This awareness meeting was addressed by a panel of three Doctors, two of whom made presentation on preempting Cancer, including Robotic Surgery treatment and the other panelist gave on over view of impending pandemic disease Covid 19, precautions tobe observed with strict compliance to defeat the spread of the virus.

The members and their families had an interactive session with the panelists to have a better knowledge of the above diseases so as to preempt from being affected and if need arises to overcome from these deadly viruses/diseases".

Dr. Anandhakrishnan Sivaraman, Consultatnt, Urologist & Robotic Surgeon, CURI hospital explained in detail the advantages of Robotic Surgery wherein the medical surgical team of Doctors, para medical staff and the patient would be protected from spreading of any contagious bacteria/virus during the operation procedures.. He made numerous visual presentations of a surgery and also advised that every one should after a certain age, should include regular check up for cancer along with the routine health checks for Blood Sugar level, B.P. Thyroid etc.

Dr Sivagama Sundari Rathnam, General Physician , Apollo Physician, Apollo Medical Centre, Chennai spoke in detail ,( on March 10th 2020) when killer virus Covid 19 was its in its early stages in some parts of India. She delivered very useful tips on basic hygiene procedures tobe followed by every individual in their day to day life. She high lighted how the virus spreads through metals, clothes, during sneezing, coughing and hence social distancing of at least 2-3 metres away from each individual in any gathering.

Contact numbers in Chennai to seek help reg covid 19

Dr. Rejiv Rajendranath, Consultant, Medical Oncologist, CURI Chennai Urology and Robotics Institute hospital, OMR , Thoraipakkam, Chennai addressing the members regarding Cancer.

Mr .Satyan C Bhatt, Secretary welcoming the panelists, members and their families on the occassion.

Shri G krishnan, Chairman seen addressing the members and the medical panelists.

Mr V S Ramana, Past Chairman seen summing up the proceedings and proposing a formal vote of thanks to the panelists , members and their families.

Mr. Muthu kumar Balu, Excutive Committee Member seen presenting a bouquet to the Chief Guest Dr Ananthakrishnan Sivaraman, Consultant, Urologist & Robotic surgeon, CURI Hospital, OMR, Chennai.

January 29th, 2020

Sailing through the Bermuda Triangle
A panel discussion on Business – Media – agency relationship

The Chapter conducted a serious panel discussion on a topic at the core of the profession of Corporate Communication: media relations. Named "Bermuda Triangle or Equilateral Triangle", the programme was conceived, crafted and coordinated by Mr Thomas T Abraham, Past Chairman, Chennai Chapter and former Special Director, Ashok Leyland & Sr Vice President, Hinduja Group. The high caliber panel had Mr Vinay Kamath, Sr Associate Editor, The Hindu BusinessLine, Ms Sunitha Subramaniyan, Head, Corporate Communications, Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd. And Mr Ashok Thomas, CEO Adroit Public Relations Pvt, engaged in a candid discussion lasting 90 minutes.

Thomas, the moderator, initiated the discussion by sharing his own experiences and asked the elite panellists what made them jump out of bed every day. For Sunitha, it is the satisfaction of being the link between her company, the various sections of the society, including customers, through the media and otherwise. She felt, from her experience, the media invariably helpful and hear their version to give a proper perspective in times of crisis.

Ashok likes the problem-solving challenge on behalf of the client. He finds crises easy to handle, because, tongue in cheek he said, that is when the client is willing to listen. When the politician or Corporate faces a crisis, agency suggestions are heard and implemented by the Corporate.

Thomas looked sited professional dealings and personal relationships as the highlights in his experience.

Vinay admitted to meeting both professionals and others on the other side. On how business can benefit by being responsive, he quoted the initiative of a PR person’s initiative. Vinay was given time of the busy CEO in his chartered flight. The leisurely exchange resulted to readers being treated to an insightful look at the company and the industry. That also led to discovering a socially significant ground level action that was so far underreported.

The panel conceded the conflict of interest inherent in the meeting point of the three constituents: business, media and agency. What constitutes news? Some Corporates expect every press release to be carried by all the Newspapers across the country. Meanwhile, media loves sensational news. Consensus were that what is of interest to the reader and what supports social good should fine a place in media content.

The power of the media to destroy reputations was illustrated. Often the damage cannot be corrected. Yet the panellists shared examples of how reputations can be rebuilt.

Clearly, many things are not in black and white. For instance, is it fair to the media as a whole, when exclusive interviews are given by the Corporates to a particular media house? Then again, if that works in terms of column cm and the client’s point of view well presented, why not?..

The panel was unanimous on the challenge posed by social media. Social media movements can be led by no one in particular. A leaderless mass movement is unpredictable, uncontrollable.

A group photo of the panelists with the members of the PRSI Chennai chapter

Mr Ashok Thomas, CEO, Adroit Public Relations Pvt. Ltd seen addressing the members representing the Agency during the discussion.

Mr U S Sharma, Vice -President (South) and former Chairman, PRSI Visakhapatnam, Chapter made a visit from Vizag and honoured the Chennai Chapter by his presence. at the above meeting. Here, he is seen addressing the members and the panelists during the meeting..

Ms Sunitha Subramanian, Head, Corporate Communications, TAFE Group seen addressing the members and the panelists during the session.

Mr Vinay Kamath, Sr Associate Editor, The Hindu Business Line delivered his address representing the Media.

Mr Thomas T Abraham, former Spl., Director, Corp-Com, Ashok Leyland, and former Chairman PRSI Chennai Chapter was the Moderator seen responding to a query by the member during the session.

Mr Ashok Thomas , CEO, Adroit Public Relations Pvt., Ltd.,who was one of the panelists spoke on behalf of the Agency seen receiving a memento from Mr Muthu kumar Balu, Exec. Committe Member of the Chapter.

January 10th, 2020

Family Get Together of the PRSI Members
The family get together of the PRSI Members was held on 10th Jan 2020 at Malayalee Club, Chetpet , Chennai.

Apart from the interactions by the family members, we had few activities including Tam-bola games and quiz programme and was followed by dinner.

It was a pleasant evening for all those who were present on the occassion.

Mrs Sethuraman, W/o former EC member Mr Sethuraman seen in a lighter vein on the occasion.

The family members interacting during the get together.

Ms Anita, member interacting during the event.

Mr V Kalidoss being presented with a citation in Tamil written by G Krishnan, Chairman, appreciating Mr V Kalidoss getting the best Treasurer Award.

Chairman, PRSI Chennai chapter Mr G Krishnan welcoming the members and their families.