Events of 2019

December 13th - 15th, 2019.

41st All India PRSI Conference held at Hyderabad

PRSI Chennai wins Multiple National Awards.

Some award winning members of the PRSI Chennai Chapter seen along with the Chairman of the Chennai Chapter, Mr G Krishnan.

M/s. NLC Ltd., Neyveli, a Corporate Member of PRSI, Chennai Chapter was honoured with the “Best PSU implementing RTI” and Mr. R. Vikraman, Director (HR) along with Mr. S. Gurusamynathan, CGM (PR) received The Award.

M/s. Moulis Advertising Service Pvt. Ltd., Chennai was awarded 2nd place in the English Corporate Film done for RITES Ltd. and Mr. R.Ramesh, MD along with Ms. Lata Krishsnaswamy received the Award.

Mr. Daniel Chellappa, Past Chairman of PRSI, Chennai Chapter was honoured with “PRSI National Leadership Award – 2019.

Mr. D. Rajendran (SBI) and Mr. V. Kalidoss, senior members of PRSI, Chennai Chapter and aged above 70 years were honoured in the 41st AIPR conference held at Hyderabad.

M/s. Catalyst Public Relations Pvt. Ltd., Chennai recd. the 3rd place in the category of Best Public Awareness Program” (for Adi Perukku celebrations) and Mr. Ramkumar Singaram recd. the Award.

Mr V kalidoss, Treasurer, PRSI Chennai Chapter receiving the All India Best Treasurer Award from the Honorable Minister for culture and Tourism , Governement of Telengana.

November 04th, 2019

PRSI Chennai Chapter Programme

The conference was held on 4th November 2019 at Hotel Savera

Mr Satyan C Bhatt welcoming the chief guest Mr Stephen Manallack, Chairman, Genesis India Horticultural Colloboration Project 2019

Mr Stephen Manallack. Consultant, Manallack PR, Blogger, "INTO INDIA" Blog and Chairman Genesis India Horticultural Colloboration Project 2019.

He spoke on the topic 'FASTER', In his address to the PRSI members,he spoke on Global Communication in Industry 4.0, on Global Communication skills, Communicating Across Borders and Cross Cultural Understanding. He was also a former President, Australia India Business Council, Victoria.

Mr Sethuraman, former Executive Committee member honoring the Chief Guest along with the Secretary, Mr Satyan C Bhatt at the end of the programme.

October 22, 2019

PRSI monthly meetings
A multi faceted personality, Ms Apsara Reddy is a consultting editor, Deccan Chronicle and Times of India, Chennai, a columnist, social activist, crusader for transgender, campaigner for child protection from atrocities and exploitation etc.,addressed the members of PRSI Chennai Chapter on the topic "How does PR survive the harsh social media - Proactive or reactive.

During the monthly meeting held on 22nd October, 2019, She exhorted the role of social media for being proactive and creating awareness on the happenings/incidents which were influencing/affecting the society, especially giving voice to their reactions. At the same time, she was also critical that some sections of the social media instead of exposing the cause of the events and remedies, focus on individuals' personal life and their family members . She said, under these circumstances the role of PR had become more challenging and need to respond quickly to present a real picture of the situation, be it for a corporate or individual

Mr Satyan Bhatt, Secretary , PRSI Chennai Chapter addressing the gathering in the meeting held on 22nd October, 2019.

A section of the audience and the media who were present during the meeting.

The Chief Guest, Ms Apsara Reddy, Consulting Editor, The Deccan Chronicle and Times of India addressing the members while speaking on the topic " How does PR survive the harsh social media - Proactive or reactive", in our monthly meeting held on 22nd October, 2019 at Hotel Savera.

September 27, 2019

PRSI Chennai Chapter held its Annual General Body meeting for its members

The conference was held on September 27, 2019

"PRSI Chennai Chapter held its Annual General Body meeting for its members on September 27, 2019.
Since no election scheduled in the year 2019, the main agenda was to review the activities of the Chapter
of the bygone year. The general sense of the house was to increase membership base, involving younger
generation and augment the financial resources for the chapter "

August 22, 2019

A Talk on Reputation Management By Mr Mike Muralidharan

It was a thought provoking session on branding and customer service. Mr Mike Muralidharan, Chief Operating Officer and BCT-Core Global operations, Chennai was the Chief Guest who spoke on "Reputation Management" to the members of PRSI Chennai Chapter which was held on Aug 22, 2019. . He said the main ingredients for reputation management were Truth and Honesty. In his opening remark on the subject, he exressed that Truth and Honesty would create trust amongst its customers. He further emphasised that non-commitment or falling short of promise in fulfilling the customer requirements would create trust deficit.

He narrated a positive experience regarding a leading Pizza Company. The company, in its promise had declared that if an ordered item/items had not reached its customer within 30 minutes of the booking , the customer would be delivered free of cost. On one occasion, the Pizza Company was unable to deliver in-time and the delivery boy was told by the customer that it should be delivered free. Confused over the situation, when the delivery boy contacted his superior, he was told politely to deliver the items without cost, as their company had not kept its promise.

He concluded that to keep one's reputation,be it an individual or corporate, truth should not be suppressed,and facts should be conveyed clearly. This would enhance the reputation.

L-R Mr Satyan C Bhatt, Secretary, Mr Mike Muralidharan, the Chief Guest, G Krishnan, Chairman and Mr Ahmed Jaffer, Vice-Chairman,PRSI Chennai Chapter

August 06, 2019

The Power of Television - Tele -Wise -TAMIL
The members of the PRSI Chennai Chapter were invited as guest-delegates to participate in an event themed as "The Power of Television - Tele -Wise -TAMIL" organised by the Indian Television -ITV 2.0".

Some of our members participated and interacted on the above subject. The day long event was held on August 6th, 2019 at ITC Hotel Chola, Guindy, Chennai.

Dr. Paul Chellakumar, Daniel T. Dass, G. Krishnan, Arulvel, D. Rajendran, V. Kalidoss, Ahmed Jaffer and Mrs. K Jayasree.

April 21, 2019

PRSI Chennai Chapter celebrates the National PR Day
PRSI Chennai Chapter celebrated the National PR Day on 21st April in a grand manner by honouring the Life Members, Long standing members and past Chairmen, all of whom have contributed immensely to the growth of the PRSI Chennai Chapter. It was a thanksgiving day, to recognise the faith of the members in the face of challenges, to applaud the resolve to stand together and protect the long term interests of the Chapter. It was a day of hope, a day of reunion.

It was also a sober day as the Chapter paid rich tributes to its most celebrated member, Late Mr. S. Muthiah, a close associate of Chennai’s No 1 historian, led the tributes as Mr Muthiah’s professionalism, process discipline and perfectionist traits were remembered.

The Chennai Chapter, stepping into 52nd year on 21st April 2019 had invited Mr. R A Israel Jebasingh, I A S (Retired), Founder and Managing Director of Officer's IAS Academy, Chennai, to grace the occasion.

Mr. Israel referred to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as one who greatly shaped brand "India". Mr Israel traced Mahatma Gandhi's life from South Africa till India achieved the freedom. He gave many examples, notable amongst them, was when Gandhi appeared half-naked at the London round table conference, before the British Empire, signalling the plight of so many poor indians under British rule.

Group Photo of the recipients,( Life Members,Long serving Members and Past Chairman) along with the chief Guest Mr. R A Israel Jeba singh I A S (retd.)

Ms. Suganthay Sunderaraj, Past Chairman.

Mr. R.K. Dharan, Past Chairman and V P South.

MG. Krishnan, Past Chairman.

Mr. Arulvel, Past Chairman.

Mr. Sivagaminathan, Senior Most Members of the Chennai chapter

Mr. Satyan C. Bhatt, past Chairman receiving the memento from the chief guest. Mr Satyan C Bhatt is also the present Secretary of the Chapter.

Mr. Ramesh, (Moulis Advertising) former Secretary and Long serving member receiving the memento from the chief guest.

All the above were seen receiving memento from the Chief Guest Mr. A. Israel Jebasingh, I.A.S retd.

The Chief Guest Mr. A. Israel Jebasngh, I A S retd., Founder and Managing Director of Officer's IAS Academy addressing our members on National PR Day on 21st April 2019.

Past Chairmen, VP South and Long serving members with our PRSI Logo during the National PR Day celebration.

Mr Thomas T Abraham, Past Chairman welcoming the chief Gurst on the occasion.

Mr. R.A. Israel Jeba singh, Former I A S officer addressing the gathering.

March 8, 2019

What ails the Indian skies?
8 th March, 2019 witnessed one of the most absorbing panel discussions organised by PRSI Chennai Chapter. Three knowledgeable spokesmen for the three core stakeholder segments -airlines, employees and consumers – passionately argued their case, moderated by a seasoned journalist. The audience joined in and the arguments went on past 8.45 pm…
The panellists were Mr. Jitender Bhargava, former Executive Director of Air India and author of a book, 'The Descent of Air India', Mr Sudhakhar Reddy, President, Association of Passengers India (APAI), Chennai and Mr Ramanathan, former All India General Secretary, Air Corporation Employees Union, Mumbai. Mr Raghuvir Srinivasan, Business Editor, The Hindu got the most out of the panel.
While everyone is convinced that India has the numbers for the sector to flourish, a combination of factors has made for an unhealthy growth. Among factors recounted were crony capitalistic subterfuge, lack of policy, absence of a visionary industry leader after JRD Tata and the current trend of frenetic, unsustainable discounting to win market share.
Following a glorious start, Air India forfeited its pioneer’s responsibility by ignoring competence and failing to produce industry leaders. Rulers connived for its failure.
In recent times, in the absence of a policy, fuel prices have been allowed to skyrocket. In the face of a glut in seat capacity, airlines are bleeding through deep discounts. The industry woefully misses an independent regulatory authority (a la Telecom) in place of DGCA which is at best an adjunct of the Government.

The panelist addressing the PRSI members.

The panelist seen along with the Chairman of the chapter, Shri G krishnan (extreme right).

MR R Ramanathan, former General Secretary, Aircorporations Employees' Union, Mumbai

The panelist addressing the PRSI members.

Mr D Sudhakhar reddy , President, Air Passengers Association of India addressing the gathering.

Mr Jitender Bhargava, former Excutive Director, Air India, Mumbai answering the queries from our members

Mr Raghuvir Srinivasan, Business Editor, The Hindu addressing the members

A section of the audience who were present.

Mr Venkatramani, Life member posing a question to the panelists seeking information on the aviation subject.

Mr Daniel T Dass, former Chairman of the chapter, introducing the panelists to our members.

From L - R
Mr Raghuvir Srinivaan, Business Editor, The Hindu
Mr Satyan C Bhatt, Secretary , PRSI Chennai Chapter
Mr D Sudhakhar Reddy, President, APAI and
Mr Jitendra Bhargava, former Ecutiver Director, Air India, Mumbai

Mr Thomas T Abraham, former chairman of the chapter summing up the proceedings before the formal vote of thanks.

Jan 4, 2019

Of brand trap and more
Latha Krishna's The Brand Trap completed a trilogy on branding that PRSI offered Chennai's communicators in the last three meetings. With examples she explained the dangers of creating oversize images, which is an image trap. Both the brands and the brand creators will do well not to let image run far too much ahead of reality.
In a presentation without any visual support, but helped by engaging storytelling, the Executive Director of Krishnaswami Associates showed the difference between working for xyz as an employee and worse still as a slave, and working with xyz, as a co-creator. That difference is made by PR, as a creator of internal culture.