Events of 2018

Dec 5, 2018

Integrity, Transparency, Competence
In a sector as disorganised and indisciplined as Realty, can business be conducted on principled ways? "Yes", averred Mr Suresh Reddy, Director, Hannu Reddy Realty. Trained employees are at the centre of such business practices. Years ago, Hannu Reddy had set up systems and schemes to recognise performers among employees. Customer satisfaction is sought on the basis of satisfied employees.
High degree of discipline is enforced in brand compliance, including the exact shade of red-even the complimentary umbrella is that colour.

Sept 27, 2018

The Murugappa brand story
" Murugappa was built on the bedrock of values and governance", said Mrs D Vijayalakshmi, Sr Asst Vice-President, Group Corporate Communications. A Rs 9 billion conglomerate, the Murugappa Group has 28 different  businesses ith over 35,000 employees, nine listed companies and a global presence.
In 2009 a  Brand Review was done. A new identity was conceived, represented by a refreshed logo and a shift to an aggressive red, from a sedate blue. Each company in the Murugappa group devices its own individual strategy for publicity, promotion of its products and brand building, benefiting from the umbrella branding. To support synergy, best practices adopted by the respective companies are communicated to group companies.
Every year the Murugappa group participates in the Madras Week Celebrations during August. The Engineering Quiz on "Engineers Day" (birthday of Sir Visveswaraiya) is an event identified with Murugappa Group. The Group is also showcased during the annual Music festival, besides TV presence around popular high visibility events such as cricket. Unknown to the outside world, the Group has some impactful practices in employee engagement in practice for a long time.

June 12, 2018

Innovation the key
"Innovation is the process of turning ideas into manufacturing and marketable form "
-  the  success slogan of Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers limited (TNPL)  was echoed by Mr A S Matharu, Executive Director (Marketing), TNPL, Chennai.
In his address to members of the PRSI Chennai Chapter. held during June 2018, he said TNPL is the maker of bagasse based eco friendly paper and most of manufacturing units are located around sugarcane industries in Tamil Nadu, The bye products of the sugarcane, namely bagasse is obtained from these sugar factories, which results in cost benefits. Mr Matharu, with his rich international experience of over two and half decades in Europe, especially in Italy had brought in innovations in TNPL.
Updating technology and updated machinery has helped TNPL to cater to a global market. Mr Matharu showed how, to be successful especially in the global competition, innovation is the key factor for the success.

May, 2018

PRSI Chennai gets new committee

36 out of 49 members eligible to vote attended the AGM of PRSI, Chennai Chapter held on 17th May, 2018.

Mr G Krishnan, former PR Manager of Air India was elected Chairman for a two year term, Mr. Rajesh Mani, Head of Communications at Ashok Leyland as Vice Chairman, Mr. Muthu Kumar Balu of Strawberry Communications as the Secretary, Mr.Kalidoss as the Joint Secretary and Ms.Shruti Shambavi of CMRL Ltd. as the Treasurer.

The Executive Committee members are Mr. Thomas.T. Abraham, Former Sr Vice President - Corporate Communications, Hinduja Group, Mr. Satyan C. Bhatt of Prism Public Relations, Mr RK Dharan of RK Public Relations, Mr. A Jaffer of ETA Group, Ms. Shrinidhi of Stella Maris College -Department of Public Relations and Mr. K Soliappan.

A special committee with Mr S Muthiah as Patron and Mr RK Dharan as Convener, will lead the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Chapter.

April, 2018

EGM decides to hold AGM to elect new committee .

An EGM of PRSI Chennai Chapter was held on the 19th April 2018. It was attended by 19 members who were eligible to vote. All members present supported the resolution to hold AGM on 17th May 2018.

Passing a No Confidence Motion against former Chairman Mr Danial Chellappa, the AGM replaced him with Mr. V Kalidass as the interim Chairman till the AGM is held.