Become a Member

We are inviting you to join the professional network of Chennai’s communicators. Both Corporate and Individual membership options are available, as the enclosed application shows. Practitioners with 5 years of experience and/or qualification in communication from a recognized institution are eligible for Professional membership. Others can join as Associate members, to start with.

If you have a zest for communication and want to learn, interact and experience, become a member of PRSI Chennai today. This is an experience that will not just help you meet and network with new people, but will also enlighten you on various aspects of the subject that will add value to you.

Classes of Members

Professional Members    :  Rs.1,200/- per annum

Associate Members         :  Rs.1,650/- per annum

Corporate Members        :  Rs.5,000/- per annum

Student Members            :  Rs. 500/- per annum

Conditions for Membership

 A person desirous of becoming a Professional Member should have a professional degree / diploma in PR / Mass Communication / Advertising / Journalism and should have been engaged in the public relations activities as defined by the Society for a period of at least five years in executive cadre (not in staff category) and should have made a contribution to the practice of public relations. For accepting an applicant as a Professional Member it would be verified that he/she possesses a degree or diploma in Public Relations / Mass Communication / Advertising / Journalism.

 One who does not qualify for membership as defined in clause (a) but who believes in the practice and promotion of sound and ethical public relations if elected as a member shall be designated as an Associate Member. This category shall also include those representatives nominated by Corporate Members who do not qualify as members as defined in clause (a).

 A Company, Institution or Association which believes in and engages in the practice of organized public relations, departmentally or through outside public relations practitioners, if elected as member shall be designated a Corporate Member.

 All full time bonafide students studying Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism or Mass Communications are entitled to qualify as Student Members, if elected. Their application should be certified by the Principal of the College.